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California Wage & Hour Laws

At Appleton Law Group, our attorneys are dedicated to providing flexible, client-oriented representation. Our clients can trust our in-depth knowledge of California wage and hour laws and our devotion to the highest standard of legal representation. If you believe you have suffered a wage violation at the hands of an employer, our attorneys can provide the competent, knowledgeable assistance to determine the strength of your claims.

Southern California Wage Attorneys Successfully Litigating Wage & Hour Law Violations

Under federal and California law, wage and hour laws determine minimum wage, overtime pay, and the amount of hours and days an employee can work. Many people are aware of basic requirements, such as the requirement to pay minimum wage, but these laws encompass more complex compensation matters, including the payment of commissions and compensation for unused vacation pay.

In California, many employees may be entitled to bring claims for wages and penalties against an employer who improperly paid employees. These may include claims for non-payment of wages, commission, or overtime as well as claims for unpaid vacation pay. Failure to pay overtime is a common complaint among employees. Under California’s laws, certain employees are entitled to 1.5 times their regular hourly rate if they work more than 8 hours in a work day or more than 40 hours in any work week.

There a number of exemptions under these laws that employers may use to legally avoid paying overtime. An exemption means the overtime laws do not apply to a certain employee due to that employee’s particular classification. Some employers misclassify an employee as “exempt”, even though he or she does not qualify as exempt under federal or state law. Many employees may not be aware that they have been misclassified by an employer.

Consulting a knowledgeable Southern California employment law firm is essential to navigate these complex issues and ensure your rights are fully protected. The attorneys at Appleton Law Group have the experience and insight you need to pursue all potential claims under the law, and are committed to providing high-quality representation at every stage of the case.

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