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Over 20 years of legal practice focused exclusively on employment law, employment litigation and business litigation.

Employment Law Attorneys Serving Southern California

At Appleton Law Group, APC, attorneys Heather Appleton and Cherryl Cercado are devoted to providing the highest standard of legal representation. Whether you are an employee facing wrongful termination or discrimination, or an employer who wishes to defend these charges, our attorneys provide the expertise and personalized assistance you need to obtain the best possible results.

Wrongful Termination & Discrimination Attorneys Providing High-Quality Representation in Southern California

Workplace disputes are often more complex than what first meets the eye. At Appleton Law Group, our attorneys are skilled at identifying potential claims and providing effective representation. Please read more about our practice areas below:

  • Employment Law: Employment law claims often involve wrongful or unlawful termination, retaliation, discrimination, harassment, failure to pay wages, and other adverse employer actions. These can be complex matters, so it is essential to consult an employment lawyer. At Appleton Law Group, we have extensive experience assisting employers and employees resolve workplace disputes.
  • Discrimination: Discrimination in the workplace takes place when an employee is treated differently based on his or her status, such as race, gender, age, national origin, religion, pregnancy, or sexual orientation. Discrimination may occur when an employer fails to promote, terminates employment, or fails to hire an individual due to his or her status. A Southern California discrimination attorney can help protect your rights and successfully pursue discrimination claims.
  • Harassment: Harassment cases may be based on a variety of grounds, including race, national origin, age, marital status, and disability. However, the most common harassment cases involve sexual harassment and gender harassment.
  • Wage & Hour Law: Wage and hour laws determine minimum wage, overtime pay, and specify the amount of time an employee can work. Disputes may arise when an employer fails to pay wages, bonuses, or overtime. If you are an employee or employer facing one of these issues, it is essential to contact a qualified employment attorney to resolve such disputes.
  • Contract Issues: Contract issues commonly arise from written or verbal employment agreements. At Appleton Law Group, our attorneys have provided representation in all types of contract claims. Consult our wrongful termination and discrimination attorneys today to ensure your contract disputes are handled in the most effective manner.

Contact Employment Law Attorneys Serving Southern California

If you have questions about a workplace or contract issue, contact the attorneys at Appleton Law Group to receive personalized representation at every step of your case. Please call our office today at 888-649-1874 or contact us online for a free consultation.

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