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Contract Issues Attorneys Serving Southern CaliforniaAt Appleton Law Group, attorneys Heather Appleton and Cherryl F. Cercado are devoted to providing the highest standard of legal representation. Whether you are an individual or a business dealing with an employment contract dispute, our attorneys are dedicated to achieving flexible, effective resolutions in every case.

Southern California Contract Attorneys Providing Client-Focused Representation

Contract issues are at the heart of many workplace disputes, and the breach of an employment contract or agreement often results from underlying problems. Contract issues commonly arise when an employee has been wrongfully or unlawfully terminated. Wrongful termination means an employee is terminated either for an unlawful reason or the termination violates the terms of a contract. Since wrongful termination and contract issues are often connected, it is important to discuss the details of your case with California employment lawyers who can make sure your rights are protected.

California is an at-will employment state, which means an employer may terminate an employee with or without notice and with or without cause, so long as the basis for termination is not a protected category such as race, age, or gender or protected conduct such as reporting a claim of harassment. Where there are written or verbal contract issues, however, an employer may be in breach of an employment contract if there are contractual prerequisites to termination. Sometimes, these types of claims can be supported simply by the language in an employer’s Employee Handbook or other written materials provided to employees.

In addition to general breach of contract claims, California also recognizes claims based on a third party’s interference with a contract or economic benefit, commonly called interference with contract or interference with prospective economic relationship. These claims arise when one person interferes with an existing contract to which he or she is not a party, or interferes with a reasonably foreseeable future economic benefit.

Contacting Southern California employment law attorneys who have the dedication and knowledge to effectively resolve a contract dispute is essential to ensure your rights and interested are protected.

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